Save Time with Resultivity

Get the most out of your work or study time and crush your todo list of long draggin backlog items.

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Learn productivity habits

Many people focus too much on the destination, when instead, they should be focusing on system of habits in place to get them there.
Resultivity help with:

  • Answer the QUESTION - how productive you are right now?
  • Take control of lost, “wasted” time
  • Track your priorities
  • Crush your To-Do list

Interactive game

Score points and unlock new levels, which introduce useful productivity tips and trick to help build a habit

  • Start timer to help you keep focused.
  • Get points for being focused.
  • Unlock new productivity features.

Crush your To Do list

Connect to most popular To Do list providers to focus on your tasks:

  • Google Tasks
  • Microsoft To-Do
  • Todoist